10GHz Generator / Amplifier with 40W Gen10-40

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH offers 10GHz generators (VCO- or synthesizers versions) as well as power amplifiers with an output power of 40W. This products can be indivual configured.

Fig. 1: Internal substrates with a few electronic parts of the Gen10-40

Fig. 1 show the internal substrates for the 10GHz- and the support electronic. Fig. 2 show the fully shielded generator in a housing for a EMV-robust installation. We support you here with a costumer specific solution.

Fig. 2: Out housing of the Gen10-40 generator for very robust conditions

Features for all versions

    • Broadband output (9.7 GHz to 10.3 GHz) allows generation of sweep signals
    • WR90 output support low loss high power operation
    • Water cooling allows compact design and robust system

Datasheet with more details for the generators as well as the amplifer:

More information (price, etc.) are available from Info@HHFT.de.