Only for production companies: Dual Mode Transceiver for High Speed Wired Communication TR-WT1

We offer only one hardware solution including the drawings and production datas of the Wire Link System for other production companies.

The patented dual mode transceiver family DMwire enables a high speed data transfer, even over simple twisted pair cables, offering a digital data input and a digital data output.
The basic functionality of the TR-WT1 for a system with an unsymmetrical input and a differential output is shown, together with the simple twisted pair cable, in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Basic schematic functional blocks of the dual mode transceiver

The dual mode wire transceiver is available with customized asymmetrical data transfer rates, optionally in a compact housing (see Fig. 2) or as OEM.

The system is a tap-proof state-of-the-art, high speed data transceiver for use in industrial, office or home environments with very low bit error rates and ultimate long-term reliability in an attractive housing. Due to the simple functional principle (input and output are binary), no software installation is necessary. Furthermore, baseband protocols are available as an option.

TR-WT1 Features:

    • Simple and robust transceiver architecture based on patented dual mode concept.
    • Dual mode transceiver for data rates of up to 120 Mbit/s over simple twisted pair cable.
    • Maximum transmission distance of typically 60 m for twisted pair cable (alternatively up to 400 m with high quality CAT5 cable).
    • Low-power consumption and small size package.
    • Customized asymmetrical data rates for bi-directional data transfer.
    • Long-term stability and reliability thanks to advanced digital signal processing.
    • Fast and easy set-up with no software installation in basic version.
    • Customized baseband protocols available as an option.
Fig. 2: Dual mode transceiver module for high speed data transfer


Costumer defined interfaces and features are possible. Please ask directly