PlasGen: 3 kW MagJet and associated 3 kW generator unit

The PlasGen PG-L 3000.1 is the first commercially available atmospheric plasma sources in the power range from a 1.4 kW up to 3 kW! The magnetron plasma jet (MagJet) PS-MJ is part of the microwave plasma jets available at Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH (HHF), which, in combination with the special adapted industrial 3kW magnetron generator unit from the Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH (FM) built the PlasGen. The physical advantages of this 2.45 GHz plasmas (microwave plasmas) have been verified in many scientific publications. These new jets from HHF offer practical users and scientists many advantages for a variety of implementations.

Among other things, the MagJet is ideally suited for „Plasmalyse“, which is presented in the best possible way on the German Wikipedia page!    Link: wiki/Plasmalyse

The MagJet, shown in Fig. 1, is the first commercial available plasma jet in this kW power range!

Fig. 1: PS-MJ MagJet to generate up to 3 kW plasma with included stubs for direct connection to generator

Fig. 2 shows the from FM patented MagJet in use with the large plasma (length ca. 10 cm) with the most popular process gas air.

Fig. 2: 2.5 kW air plasma of the PlasGen unit (MagJet driven from the 3 kW generator unit from FM) with 15cm plasma beam

The successful multiple use of MagJets in an inline machining system is shown in Fig. 3. Fig. 4 shows the MagJet from the backside. This jet is full of metal and ceramic components to make the perfect gas flow and support the high voltage ignition as well as the power transfer into the plasma with high efficiency.

Fig. 3: Four MagJets from HHF in processing facility
Fig. 4: Backside view into the MagJet from HHF

The PlasGen unit with the MagJet can be advantageously used and are tested for different applications:

  1. Atmospheric plasma at 2.45 GHz for power levels up to 2.5 kW (CW) or 3 kW (pulses),
  2. Plasma generation for very high temperature processes of up to 5,000 °C in the pure gas plasma (with material inside the plasma often higher),
  3. Applicable in high speed surface activation, rapid heating, surface cleaning, or melting metals.

The 3 kW generator from FM includes the gase control management and delivers a very clean mirowave signal, with results in the very stable magnetron plasmas. The key part of the FM generator PS3KW400 is presented in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5: Foto of the novel 3 kW generator PS3KW400 to drive a magnetron source

The full 3 kW electronic consist out of the PS3KW400 with integrated gas control unit and a magnetron unit.

The PlasGen unit is available for different application:

  1. PlasGen PG-L 3000: Standalone for laboratory use (includes control unit).
  2. PlasGen PG-I 3000: Industrial version for use in a SPS-system.

However, it can not be used without a Faraday cage! We can support to realize it or deliver it.

The data sheet of the PlasGen modules and system can be downloaded as PDF file:  DataSheet PlasGen PG-L 3000.2

More detailed information is available at:

Please find in the enclosed application note examples of the efficiency of the plasma jets from HHF: Plasma_AppNote