PCB Probe: ProMic NA-PR1

This PCB test probe from HHF allows easy and quick broadband measurements on microwave circuits up to 4 GHz and higher. This hand-probe is a cheap alternative for high impedance probes for time-domain measurements. Also spectrum analyzer and network analyzer measurements will be supported. This probe allows the measurements of one component of a multi-stage or multi-component design in 50 ohm-environment. The very robust design of the ProMic-probe guarantees a long working life. Thin as well as wide microstrip lines can be easily measured. This model NA-PR1 supports SG-contacts.

Fig. 1: PCB test probe ProMic


    • Easy handling broadband 50ohm-probe for hand-application on PCB
    • Ideal for tests on microstrip lines up to 100W
    • Extremely long lifespan


    • Control of component functionality
    • Measurement of power in transceivern and other RF-circuits
    • Mesurement of S-parameter
    • Detection of spectrum or time domain signal


More information (price, etc.) are available from Info@HHFT.de.