Innovation in Race Track Security

Our novel patented solution SafeTrack causes safer race tracks, less crashes and fewer injuries. SafeTrack is a fully automatic system with a hardware complexity similar to laptiming systems. It features an automatic crash detection and sends the yellow flag. In the high end-version, the race control can send the red, white and black flag directly to the driver. SafeTrack is designed for the mass-market race sport as well as for the moto GP.

Fig. 1: Testing of SafeTrack

The SafeTrack-units for the race vehicles consist of 6 building parts:

Fig. 2: System blocks of the SafeTrack vehicle units (transponder)

SafeTrack includes a velocity monitoring via GPS and acceleration sensors.
The integrated 868 MHz transceiver provides a reliable air link

    • At high speed (> 300 km/h)
    • With high range (> 300 m)
    • At high temperatures (80°C)
    • With robust on-board antennas
Fig. 3: Transponder board

The SafeTrack functionality of the mass-market version is quite simple: the data of security area (paddock and box) is stored

    • Car sends a signal, when it is out of the security area and the velocity is low
    • The section around the car is the yellow area
    • All drivers in this section see the yellow flag on their SafeTrack-display
Fig. 4: Features of SafeTrack in the starter version

If you have any questions about SafeTrack, please feel free to contact us. We would gladly discuss more technical details with you, and introduce you to the professional versions of SafeTrack, too.

Selling information: We offer our SafeTrack-system for a company in block with all rights and a patent.

More information including the price: SafeTrack presentation

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