Plasma jets of the PP series (!! Just replaced by the PC-SF jet !!)

The plasma jets of the PP series are atmospheric 2.45 GHz plasma sources in the power range between 80 W and 400 W. These jets allow operation at very high temperature and microwave power as well as by using the cannula version the vaporization of fluids.

Characteristics of the PP series microwave plasma jets – a brief overview:

    • High-purity atmospheric 2.45 GHz plasma with power ratings up to 400 W (CW operation, may be also 1000 W)
    • Vaporization / welding / melting / activation / cleaning / coating of diverse materials
    • Can be used for all gases and fluids (two different gases or one gas (outer area) and one fluid (in the cannula))
    • Optimally suited for hand and robot (100% potential-free)
    • Extremely low energy requirements
    • Extremely handy and compact model
    • Robust jets in stainless steel housing (on request inner parts also in stainless steel)
    • Maintenance-free and wear-free

Product overview – PP series plasma jets

The PP series plasma jets can be used in the power range between 80 W and 400 W supplied microwave power (significantly higher in pulse mode). The plasma jets consist of a stainless steel housing, as well as Teflon and various temperature-resistant copper alloys as electrode feed, high-voltage transformer network, as well as electrodes. There is no tungsten, and thus oxygen and air can also be used as process gas. This means that these jets allow all non-aggressive gas as process gas. The electrodes are wear-free and maintenance-free. Spectroscopic measurements confirm that no electrode material is found in the plasma. Thus a pure gas plasma is guaranteed.

Fig. 1: Photo of the plasma jet of the PP series in relation to an one euro coin

We offer the jets of the PP serie in two variants. The PP-S without cannula (one process gas connection only) and the PP-C with cannula. The PP-C jets have one gas service pipe and another one for gas or fluids, that is direct connected to the cannula. These PP-C jets allows operation to vaporize fluids and direct chemical processing with the second gas in the plasma atmosphere.

Fig. 2: Plasma of the jet of the PP-C series with vaporized water (0.2 ml/ minute) and air at 200 W microwave power

More detailed information is available at:

Please find in the enclosed application note examples of the efficiency of the plasma jets from HHF: Plasma_AppNote