PIM Measurements: Vector-PIM NA-PIM2

Our improved product Vector-PIM generation NA-PIM2 (second generation) allows you to perform calibrated complex PIM measurements based on our mixed-frequency VNA-modules and the newest Rosenberger test-sets from 275 MHz up to 6000 MHz. This vector PIM tester is the leading solution for 

  • National metrology institutes
  • Companies with metrology departments
  • Universities and research institutes 

 This instrument supports:

    • Very accurate and sensitive vector PIM measurements,
    • Localisation of IM-obstacles,
    • Exact modelling of IM-defects,
    • Frequency, time and power sweeps,

The Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH and Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik introduced the second full vector PIM-tester generation. Vector-PIM allows accurate PIM-measurements including the detection of the distance to an IM-obstacle. This instrument provides for the first time the foundation to measure the complex transfer functions of different IM-sources. This information helps to identify IM-sources and to reduce the IM-defects.
The high accuracy is achieved with the novel VNA-calibration procedure Without Thru. Without Thru uses only one-port calibration standards (short, open, match, a comb generator, and a power sensor) at each port.
The software manages this calibration, the error correction, and supports various PIM-tests as well as different frequency, power and time sweeps.

Fig. 1: Photo of the full PIM analyzer for vector measurements with the high dynamic mixed-frequency HHF-VNA-modules

More details to the product are to find in NonLin-IM NA-IM2, what controls the test-set.

This Vector-PIM-Tester features in detail:

    • First non-linear multi-port S-parameter test system for vectorial measurements.
    • Supports all test-sets from Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik.
    • Special software supports three IM-test configurations.
    • The non-linear calibration procedure Without Thru for mixed-frequency modules from HHF.
    • Allows the measurement of non-linear effects in an accurate and complex manner.
      • Phase values help to find the location of non-linear effect supported by a special software.
      • VNA phase information gives perfect time domain results for a very good modelling.
    • Supports frequency-, power- and time-sweep measurements
Fig. 2: Photo of the vector-PIM-tester from the backside

The measurement performance

    • is supported by a complex temperature management, allowing a very high reproducibility. Most of the HHF electronic and the electronic from Rosenberger is in the same housing.
    • is based on a small PIM-magnitude-error of approximately 0.1-0.2 dB (scalar measurements have errors of 2 dB and more).
    • for the PIM-phase is based on a small error of typically 1%.
    • depends from the test-set (selectivity of filters) regarding the measurement time.
    • is depending from the measurement time (typically 1-5 seconds for one measurement sweep).
    • allows to find PIM-obstacles with a solution of 1-2cm (depends on bandwith of the test-set).
    • is based on a VNA which allows to support a typical dynamic of 180dBc.
    • allows the model the PIM-obstacles and to characterize the obstables in the different physical phenomenons.

We offer a system composed of:

    • Rosenberger test-set(s),
    • Software with dongle and operation manual,
    • Laptop with LAN-connection to VNA (software installed),
    • One RX- and 2 TX-modules from HHF (VNA-Modules – HHFT),
    • Very complex temperature management system for high reprducibility, 
    • Coaxial calibration kit (7/16) from Rosenberger,
    • Power sensor from Rohde and Schwarz,
    • Phse referenece generator,
    • Industry rack with integrated comb-generator and power sensor.

The phase reference generator is for all frequency ranges of the filter from Rosenberger available. The calibration of this reference will be supported by the PTB.

More details are explained in the operation manual of the first generation: NonLin-IM operation manual                                                      The operation manual of this second generation is on request available.

Fig. 3 illustrate the new world of S-parameters. This vector PIM-tester performs mixed frequency large signal measurements for PIM-signals. Since there are no memory effects in PIM measurements, an X-parameter measurement is not required. The explanations of these mixed-frequency parameters are printed in   https://www.springerprofessional.de/mikrowellentechnik/17942508 .

More information are available from Info@HHFT.de.

Fig 3: Overview of the world of S-parameters