Microwave transponder based laptiming system MicroLap LT-LT1

The microwave transponder based laptiming system (MicroLap) provides a fully automatized, high precision, long range time measurement system for a variety of applications, including all track-based motorsport events. This novel product, MicroLap, allows an accurate chronometry of on-water and in-air-objects for the first time.

The system consists of a receiver, decoding the identity and lap time of each participant, and one transponder (or tag, see Fig. 1) for each participant.

Fig. 1:Layout of the laptiming system MicroLap

MicroLap supports all kinds of sports on every ground! It is the best solution for motorcycling racing, car racing, kart racing, motocross, enduro, RC racing, ship racing, model airplane racing, snocross racing.

MicroLap Features:

    • Laptiming for cars, bikes, ships and airplanes with a velocity of up to 600 km/h.
    • Up to 30 meters of detection range from the receiver, no external loop antenna required and easy to install!
    • Transponder operating time of well over 10 days on a single battery charge (Li Ion).
    • Battery charge time: 5 hours .
    • Easy-to-use receiver unit, incorporating all hard- and software required for out-of-the-box measurements.
    • Parallel measurement of up to 500 transponders.
    • Timing accuracy of 1/100th of a second.
    • Live results displayed directly at the receiver station.
Fig. 2:Core components (left to right): Receiver, PC, transponde (not final package; holder and charger follow)

Selling information: We offer the hole system for a company in block with all rights.

More information including the price: MicroLap presentation

Please ask for more information Info@HHFT.de.

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