Calibration Service

The HHF team is used to apply the most innovative calibration procedures for vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements. We offer measurement service in all environments. Please send us your request!

Fig. 1: Test fixture for circuits/components on planar substrates

Our spectrum of self implemented calibration procedures starts by procedures for coaxial and/or wave guides. We have a lot of experience with in-fixture and on-wafer calibration. We are leading in calibration procedures for multi-port and differential applications. We can support you with procedures for leaky systems. You will find also special solutions for free-space calibration.

The names of the developed calibration procedures are: GSOLT, GTXX, gen. TAN, gen. LLR, LNN, MORN, TMRN, LZY, TZU, YU, ZY, ZZU, S3R, S3L, Z3Z and Without-Thru. We offer already the other procedures.

We support all error models of the network analyzer: 3-term, 5-term, 7-term, 8-term, 10-term, 15-term, 22-term as well as the multi-port models.

The following German discription discripe our measurement process for in-fixture measurements with our test fixture from Rosenberger: HHF test fixture