MiniJet and associated 10W Generator – Non-Thermanl Atmospheric Plasmas

The MiniJet-R plasma jet combined with the 10 W generator, comprises a small device for generating an atmospheric plasma (micro-plasma because it is based on a microwave signal). The plasma of the MiniJet has the same physical characteristics as the larger HHF plasma sources and thus enable a very cold plasma, because in this case, the light electrons, in particular, are accelerated rather than the heavy ions. Many reseacher call this plasma: Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma.

The MiniJet-S, shown in use in Fig.1, is also characterized by its easy handling: After ignition, the user only needs to adjust the output power.

Fig. 1: MiniJet-R in use for activation or disinfection of the skin

Fig.2 shows the generator from both sides.

Fig. 2: Front and back side view of the MiniJet generator used for activation of a hose interior

A video, showing the Minijet in the operation mode at different power levels, is available for the download: MiniJet in process

Both MiniJets can be advantageously used and are tested for two applications:

  1. Killing germs, bacteria, etc. on the surface of substances, including of the Corona virus COVID-19 (on skin).
  2. Activation of the surface (for adhesive bonding, painting or other processes).

You find a lot of research work from  Dr. A. Schindler  regarding the benefits of the cold atmospheric plasma, generated by this 2.45 GHz microwave signal. One open access paper is: Removing Biofilms from Microstructured Titanium Ex Vivo: A Novel Approach Using Atmospheric Plasma Technology.  

Only argon in small quantities (typically 0.3 l/min) is used as the process gas.

An activation result on a foil is presented in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Foils with test inks for visualization of the activation characteristics of the MiniJet

The control device with an adjustable output power, typically from 2 to 10 W is shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Front view of the MiniJet system with the integrated gas flow control unit

The essential advantages of the MiniJets are the fact that they are absolutely potential-free, and that plasma is ignited without high-voltage, which is why they are optimally suited for hand operation. Ignition occurs via a small ignition switch with integrated generator.

The data sheet of the MiniJet can be downloaded as PDF file: Datasheet_MiniJet10W

HHF offers also the inner ciecuit of the MiniJets (on request OEM). Fig 5 shows the complete system.

Fig. 5: Inner parts of the MiniJet system

More detailed information is available at:

Please find in the enclosed application note examples of the efficiency of the plasma jets from HHF: Plasma_AppNote.

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