Power Amplifier - 200W - 2.45GHz - AmpLin-PA-200.3

The power amplifier AmpLin_PA-200.3 supports:

    • RF output power > 53 dBm,
    • RF input power 6 dBm,
    • Small signal gain 60 and low gain flatness,
    • Reverse power protection with isolator with RF load,
    • Over temperature protection,
    • Input RL > 10 dB and output RL > 20 dB,
    • Very robust case design.

The favourably priced AmpLin_PA-53-1 is an AB class 50 Ohm amplifier within the nominal frequency range of 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. It will support CW, modulated or pulsed input signal schemes into a load of any VSWR.

Fig. 1: Compact AmpLin-PA-203 for the use in laboratories and industry

This amplifier supports the direct monitoring of the incident and the reflected power. Couplers with high isolation delivers accurate measurement results.

Fig. 2: Block diagram of AmpMod_PA-200.3


More information are available from Info@HHFT.de.