Only for production companies: VNA autocal-box: RapACal NA-RC1

We offer the hole production datas with one working solution of RapACal for NVA-companies.

Our product RapACal allows you to perform an easy and rapid calibration with your VNA. It supports:

    • One to n-port network analyzer,
    • Accurate calibrations from DC to 18 GHz,
    • Supports N- or 3.5mm-connectors,
    • Simple purpose through a graphical user interface,
    • Support VNA error correction.

Rapid Automatic multi-port Calibration box (RapACal) allows an easy and rapid one- or multi-port (n-port, n = 1, 2, 3, …) calibration of Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) up to 18 GHz. The calibration is quite simple. The users just need to make „n+1“ connections to calibrate n-ports. The number of ports is unlimited. RapACal will be controlled over VNA-internal PC interface (LAN and USB) with a graphical user interface from a windows operating system (NT, XP, Vista).
The necessary architecture of RapACal to calibrate a multi-port network analyzer is quite simple.

Fig. 1: Block diagram of the measurement set-up for the calibration of a multiport VNA

Figure 2 shows the RapACal-hardware.

Fig. 2: Rapid auto calibration box

The graphical user interface (running in the VNA) is shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Software part of RapACal

For older VNAs, the software can be installed on a external PC. This solution NA-RC1 do not support multi-port analyzers with a switching network for port extension. On request HHF support also these multi-port VNAs.

The performance of RapACal is demonstrated as following. The ripple test for error-estimation is presented in Fig. 4. The DUT is a Rosenberger high-end 50 ohm air line, terminated with a short. The ripple delivers a source match of the system better than 40 dB.

Fig. 4: Reflection of a matched line terminated with a short error-corrected with RapACal to 18GHz

We offer a system composed of

    • Hardware box with N (prefered) or 3.5mm,
    • Software and operation manual.


We offer the hole production datas, the software and hardware information with one working solution of RapACal for NVA-companies.

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