ECL-based Comb/ Pulse Generator SG-CG1 and Module MD-CG1

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH offers a high resolution comb/ pulse generator with 100ps pulses and a jitter of 20ps based on ECL-technology.

Fig. 1a: Stand-alone comb/ pulse generator PulsGen-G with integrated synthesizer
Fig. 1b: Novel comb/ pulse generator module PulsGen-M

Features for both

    • Broadband input (30 MHz to 4 GHz) allows generation of single pulses
    • ECL compatible output with two differential comb/ pulse outputs
    • Very low output amplitude ripple
    • Harmonics from 30 MHz to 18 GHz
    • Applicable with an external synthesizer, AWG, D/D or D/A-converter
    • Typical output harmonic level (for 200 MHz input) > -35 dBm at 4 GHz

Additional features for the PulsGen-G

    • Internal frequency synthesizer 100-200 MHz
    • Tunable step size of 400 kHz
    • Applicable with an internal synthesizer or external synthesizer, AWG, D/D or D/A-converter
    • External reference input for synchronization
    • PC interface (serial/USB)


    • IQ-signal generator
    • Phase reference standard
    • UWB applications
    • Frequency multiplier
    • Spectrum analyzer
    • EMC source
    • Broad band test equipment
    • FMCW radars

The small pulses of the high resolution comb/ pulse generator with 100ps pulse length and a jitter of only 20ps (and less depends from driving source) are shown in Fig. 2. More figures are plotted in the datasheet.

Fig. 2: Output of the negative signal SG-CG1 (100ps/div) including the jitter of the signal

Every low power instrument can drive this comb/pulse generators. The combination of arbitrary waveform generators as well as any high-speed D/D- or D/A-converter with the PulsGen allows to generate any IQ-signal in the GHz-range.

Datasheets for the both comb/puls generators:

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