Large Plasma Systems - 6000W-Chambers

HHF is meanwhile in the process to optimize costumer defined news plasma chambers/ jets with the single power of 6000W. 

HHF have three large project partners to support/ manage the realization of large industry applications.

The core product for HHF’s 6kW plasma treatment is the new plasma chamber (PS-CH 6000), which has a continuous quartz glass or ceramic tube inside. The associated tube diameter is set depending on the desired energy density. Inside is a 60cm long plasma that allows optimal energy coupling into the medium (from gas to solid material) inside the quartz tube. Low pressure conditions can exist around the quartz tube for perfect thermal insolation. With such a plasma, the highest efficiencies can be achieved with the fastest processes.

Among other things, theplasma chamber is ideally suited for „Plasmalyse“, which is presented in the best possible way on the German Wikipedia page!    Link: wiki/Plasmalyse

The treatment chamber can be used completely shielded as a pure through-tube chamber or, as in Fig. 1, in a Farraday cage for freely accessible test series.

Fig. 1: HHF plasma chamber for 1000 - 6000W processes


HHF-project partner starting from 1000W: Company Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH (short :fm). :fm is for large project in the area of heating processes and related ones the project manager. :fm is the manufactor of high power RF generators (semiconductor as well as all magnetrons).

Link to Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH:

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Fig. 2: Logo of Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH


HHF-project partner up to 500W: Company ionics – surface technologies (short ionics). ionics is for large project in the areas of activating, cleaning and special coating processes the project manager. ionics is the manufactor of high end RF generators (500W semiconductor).

Link to ionics – surface technologies:

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Fig. 3: Logo of ionics - surface technologies

HHF-project partner: As an expert for innovative solutions in industrial parts cleaning and surface processing, Ecoclean GmbH (Ecoclean) takes over the project management for large projects in the area of cleaning processes and surface processing. Ecoclean’s worldwide leading solutions support companies around the world in meeting the high purity requirements. From the automotive industry and its suppliers to manufacturers of all kinds of mechanical components, Ecoclean always offers the right solution. Ecoclean’s success is based on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and technology that inspires!



Fig. 3: Logo of the Ecoclean GmbH

HHF-Projekt-Partner: Als Experte für innovative Anlagen zur industriellen Teilereinigung und Oberflächenbearbeitung, übernimmt die Ecoclean GmbH (Ecoclean) die Projektleitung bei Großprojekten im Bereich Reinigungsprozesse und Oberflächenbearbeitung. Die weltweit führenden Lösungen von Ecoclean unterstützen Unternehmen rund um den Globus dabei, die hohen Reinheitsanforderungen zu erreichen. Von der Automobilindustrie und ihren Zulieferern bis hin zu Herstellern von mechanischen Komponenten aller Art bietet Ecoclean immer die richtige Lösung. Der Erfolg von Ecoclean basiert auf Innovation, Effizienz, Nachhaltigkeit und Spitzentechnologie, die inspiriert!