Plasma Applications

Testing and Customizing our Microplasma for your Needs

Our German company Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH (HHF) has many years of experience in the production of microplasmas (plasma at 2.45 GHz) using our own patented technology. We are specialized in the generation of microplasmas for different applications such as:

    • Activating plastic surfaces for welding, melting, painting, varnishing, printing, coating, gluing, etc;
    • Cleaning von different metallic surfaces for soldering, varnishing, coating, gluing, bonding, etc;
    • Disinfection and sterilization of instruments in medical fields, even of wounds;
    • Aging treatment of components;
    • Activating gases or powder (with a very high degree of activation using our unique plasma jets with a nozzle, where the complete material can be sent through the plasma).

For your application, we have a portfolio of microplasmas varying in power levels from a few watts up to 200 W, using different process gases such as air, nitrogen or argon. We also offer technical support in developing customized solutions. Our plasma jets principally offer many features: Fundamentals of Microplasma

We would be pleased to offer you our services in testing and customizing our microplasma solutions to serve your needs, which you can easily integrate in your system and label as required.

Our support services range from carrying out feasibility studies to R&D co-operations, depending on your time to market and required level of support.

The figures 1 and 2 show successful cleaning tests, the important step to qualify our microplasma for your needs.

Fig. 1: Metal screw before and after cleaning with our 200W plasma jet
Fig. 1: Cu-sheet: left side before and right side after cleaning with our 200W plasma jet

Additionally, we can support you with hardware solutions for your special plasma applications.

Please find more information (sorry, in German) about our novel microplasma technologie in: Book Chapter Microplasma

Please do feel free to contact us for further information or your questions