Generators for the plasma jets (PS-, PC- and PP-Serie) from HHF

Special 2.45 GHz generators in the power range between 10 W and 250 W are necessary for operation of the new type of 2.45 GHz plasma jets from HHF. These PlasMaster designated generators output a desired microwave power and measure the power that is not absorbed by the plasma jets. Both, the special switching between ignition and operation as well as the lock to the best energy support of the plasma is world wide patent protected. In addition to the current 6 insertable jets this special generator can also be used for the CC coupler for the low-pressure chambers.

Fig. 1: New generation of HHF microwave generator plasma applications

Characteristics of our PlasMaster generators – a brief overview:

    • Integrated measurement and control electronics in pure semiconductor technology that adjust plasma variables in the tenth of a millisecond range
    • Control electronics includes measurement technology for measuring the plasma resistance
    • Cost-effective technology, maintenance-free and wear-free
    • Compact design and optimal triggering
    • Integrated protective circuits, extending to short-circuit resistance and temperature shut-down circuits
    • Gas flow control for safe plasma jet operation
    • Error signals are displayed visually and can be queried remotely

In addition to this PCU-L PlasMaster, HHF offers an additional device (PCU-M) for special applications and research applications. This device can also be used as a microwave power generator. Four variables are shown on the integrated display:

  1. Operating frequency
  2. Emitted microwave power
  3. Microwave power reflected by the plasma jet
  4. Microwave power absorbed by the plasma jet.

The possibility of deactivation of the frequency mode permits use as pure microwave generators (important for special applications). Moreover, the power regulation allows changeover from continuous operation to externally controllable pulse operation.

Fig. 2: Display and operating panel of the HHF microwave generator for plasma applications (PCU-L version)

In addition to the operating elements and the status LEDs, the generator also has a trigger input for automatic switch-on and switch-off of the plasma.

Fig. 3: Backside of HHF microwave generator (PCU-L version)

The data sheet for the generators of the PlasMaster serie can be downloaded as PDF file: Data Sheet PlasMaster

More detailed information is available at:

Please find in the enclosed application note examples of the efficiency of the plasma jets from HHF: Plasma_AppNote