Coaxial High Power Tuner PTU250_1

The coaxial 3-stub tuner PTU250 supports:

    • RF input pulse power up to 250 W at 2.45 GHz,
    • Optimized for the 2.45 GHz- ISM Band,
    • Supports typ. 1 to 5 GHz,
    • Include plasma protection,
    • Very robust casing and design.

The PTU250 is asymmetrical (optimized for the 2.45 GHz ISM band), so different results can be obtained when operated in reverse direction (switching IN and OUT). The bandwidth of matching is inversely proportional to cable between unit and applicator.

Fig. 1: Foto of the coaxial 3-Stub-Tuner PTU250

This coaxial 3-stub tuner close a lack between the classical coaxial and the wave guide tuner.


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