Broadband Coaxial Probe: T-Probe PR-T1

The T-Probe is perfectly suitable for broadband (DC to 4GHz) signal coupling. The power of the detecting signal may be up to 200W at a frequency of 2.4GHz. The T-Probes replace large couplers. This T-Probe (model PR-T1) is a passive bidirectional broadband resistive coupling network in coaxial technique. It provides the sensing function over a wide frequency spectrum and is capable to handle a high through power. Insertion loss is comparable to the more complicated sensitive couplers. This probe detects the voltage of the inner conductor of the coaxial transmission line. It can be used for wave-detection in combination with a matched termination, isolator or zirkulator.

Fig. 1: Coaxial test probe T-Probe model PR-T1


    • Broadband coaxial probe
    • Frequency range: DC to 4GHz
    • Power handling up to 200W
    • Robust and small size


    • Control of component functionality
    • Measurement of voltage or power in transceivern and other RF-circuits
    • Mesurement of (hot) S-parameter
    • Detection of spectrum or time domain signal
Fig. 2: Left: inner circuit; Right: PA-front-end application


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