For years many companies have relied on the department of high-frequency technology of Prof. Heuermann to develop and build demonstrators/ prototypes which offer professional answers to all kinds of specific problems. HHF build on a broad spectrum of experience and competence to deal with any future challenges and issues in an innovative and comprehensive manner.

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH considers exchange of know-how and personal customer relations to be the very foundation for a holistic problem-solving competence.

The competence is also based of a lot of publications. The leading german RF-book for engineers includes the modern RF technology including basics, passive RF-components, transmission lines, mixed mode S-parameter, filters and resonators, switches, amplifiers, noise, measurement systems, fitting of components. The reference to this paper- or e-book for RF technology from Prof. H. Heuermann is:

Heuermann, H. Hochfrequenztechnik. Komponenten für High-Speed- und Hochfrequenzschaltungen.
Springer-Vieweg-Verlag, 2018, 3. erweiterte Auflage in Farbe
ISBN 978-3-658-23197-2

Fig.1: RF-book from Prof. Heuermann

Further background information regarding the modern microwave technology including waveguides, numerical simulation basics, harmonic balance, power amplifier, mixers, oscillators, synthesizer, the microwave plasma technique and antenna as well as fundamentals of the propagation can be found in the new book of the year 2020 for „Mikrowellentechnik“ from Prof. H. Heuermann:

The competence is also based on a large number of patents. One example is the microwave spark plug.

Fig. 2: Prof. Heuermann is inventor of the RF spark-plug

More details about the research work are presented in:

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Research Gate – H. Heuermann

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