Free synthesis software for RF circuits: SynRF for Matlab

Our software SynRF allows you to perform the synthesis of RF circuits in seconds. SynRF calculates the element values and illustrates the transfer function over frequency. This gives you the information of the bandwidth of the circuits.
This software supports the calculation of:

    • different attenuators,
    • different impedance transformers from lumped and distributed elements,
    • a lot of phase shifters,
    • resistive and reactive power dividers,
    • different couplers,
    • actual only four (but in the next future much more) transmission lines,
    • transmission line based inductors and capacistors,
    • diverse mode blockers for even or odd mode reduction
    • different baluns,
    • lumped and distributed resonators,
    • band pass filters with 1 to 3 resonators,
    • a diplex filter.

The Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH introduced the first software for RF circuit synthesis. SynRF is based on the German text book from Prof. Heuermann Hochfrequenztechnik. Most of the included circuits were included in the software. Very novel circuits like the mode blocker are elements of the software.

Fig. 1: Included circuit to suppress the even mode and residual circuit for the odd mode

The practical work with SynRF is shown in Fig. 2 for the bandpass filter with impedance transformation and a notch for the suppression of another band.

Fig. 2: The SynRF working sheet for one of over 50 circuits

The actual SynRF version includes over 50 circuits.

The upload link of the free software in open Matlab source code is: SynRF

How to start:
1.: copy the SynRF.zip file to c: .
2.: unzip the file – a new folder \MATLAB7\SynRF to see.
3.: start in the dictory \MATLAB7\SynRF from MATLAB the m-file rf.m .

Now have fun with the free synthesis software.