Coupler for Plasma Generation in a Chamber

The very compact Chamber Coupler CC 400 is well suited to couple microwave energy within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical frequency band (ISM band) at 2.45 GHz into a chamber to ignite and sustain a plasma (Fig. 1). For this purpose, the chamber merely requires a dielectric window.

Fig. 1: The Chamber Coupler CC 400 used to produce a voluminous plasma using argon at 0.01 mbar with less than 50 W

The size of the resulting plasma is

  1. directly proportional to the microwave power applied,
  2. directly proportional to the number of chamber couplers used,
  3. inversely proportional to the pressure in the chamber,
  4. inversely proportional to the loss factor of the dielectric window,
  5. and a function of the implied gas (inert gases are the most common).

The Chamber Coupler CC 400 is designed for the PlasMaster PCU generator series, which continuously monitor the energy coupling in to the chamber and regulate the operating frequency accordingly, ensuring reproducible experiments under optimal operating conditions.

Fig. 2: The Chamber Coupler with the product number PS-CC400

Apart from cleaning, decontamination and surface activation in chambers, the Chamber Coupler CC 400 is well suited to drive lighting applications such as tubes or bulbs as well as other setups in a full dielectric housing or chamber.


More information (additional probes, costumer defined solutions, price, etc.) are available from

Please find in the enclosed application note examples of the efficiency of the chamber coupler as well as plasma jets from HHF: Plasma_AppNote