NonLin-IM NA-IM2

HHF is world-wide leading in vectorial IM measurements. Our novel product NonLin-IM of the second generation allows you to perform calibrated complex intermodulation measurements with your VNA-modules (275 MHz – 6000 MHz). An absolute novelty is the replacement of the comb generator by a new phase reference generator! This novel generators for the commercial frequency bands only reduces the technical effort and the price of the system. Vectorial IM measurements are useful for modelling and IM-source finding. NonLin-IM bases on non-linear multi-port S-parameter using the novel and patented calibration procedure Without Thru. Without Thru uses only one-port calibration standards (short, open, match, a reference generator and a power sensor) at each port.

This hard- and software solution allows you to improve your scalar IM-measurement solution with the necessary components of a vectorial one.

Additionally, the software supports two more IM test sets for transmission measurements. Measurement results exemplify the high quality of the novel vectorial IM measurement system under real-life conditions (Fig. 1a and 1b).

Fig. 1a: Magnitude results of intermodulation measurement
Fig. 1b: Phase results of intermodulation measurement

Fig. 2 shows a screen shot of the NonLin-IM software.

Fig. 6: NonLin-IM software

This simple measurement system consists of a multi-port-VNA (based on our VNA-modules ), a software, a laptop to control and process one coaxial calibration kit, a power head, and the phase reference generator.

NA-IM2 features in detail:

    • Optimized non-linear multi-port IM test system for vectorial measurements.
    • Accuracy from non-linear calibration procedure  Without Thru for the HHF VNA-modules.
    • Special software for intermodulation measurements (supports four IM-test configurations).
    • Supports frequency-, power- and time-sweep IM measurements.
    • Allows the measurement of IM products in an accurate and complex manner.
      • Phase values help to find the location of IM-sources and to generated an accurate non-linear model of your device.
      • The included software module IM finder calculates out of the phase the distance to the IM-source.
    • Fast and easy installation with pre-installed laptop or on your network analyzer.

The use of your own multi-port VNA-modules, calibration kit, and power head helps to reduce the price of entering into the non-linear world.

The measurement performance

    • is based on a small IM-magnitude-error of approximately 0.1-0.2 dB (scalar measurements have errors of 2 dB and more).
    • for the IM-phase is based on a small error of typically 1%.
    • depends from the test-set (selectivity of filters) regarding the measurement time.
    • is depending from the measurement time (typically 2-6 seconds for one measurement sweep).
    • allows to find IM-obstacles with a solution of 1cm (depends on bandwith of the test-set).
    • is based on a VNA which allows to support a typical dynamic of 150dBc plus additional PA.
    • allows the model the IM-obstacles and to characterize the obstables in the different physical phenomenons.

We offer a system composed of

    • Software with dongle and operation manual (necessary),
    • Laptop with LAN-connection (software installed),
    • Coaxial calibration kit (N or 3.5mm) from Rosenberger,
    • VNA-moduels from HHF,
    • Power sensor from Rohde and Schwarz,
    • Calibrated phase reference generator (necessary),
    • Costumer defined IM test sets.

More details are explained in the operation manual of the first generation (with VNA from Rohde and Schwarz):                      NonLin-IM_Operating_Manual

More information are available from