Gas Flow Meters

HHF produces cost efficient gas flow meters to support plasma processes with high reproducibility.

Our first flow meter FL-AR2.1 supports the argon (Ar) gas as well as varigon for our plasma jets. Our plasma jets works with low gas flows up to 2 sl/min. Fig. 1 shows our flow meter with Luer-Lock adapters for the gas.

Fig. 1: Flow meter FL-AR2.1 from HHF with convertion table

The convertion table allows to find from the measured voltage value direct the Ar gas flow value. A fixed voltage value is absolute sufficient for a reproducibility control. The enlarged convertion table is shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Scale of HHF gas flow meter

We are flexible to support also other gases or maximal gas flow values.

Please include in the order the size of your Luer-Lock adapters. We can also install other adaptors.


More information (other flow meters, delivery time, etc.) are available from


We sell the flow meter FL-AR2.1 for only 390€ plus tax, shipping charges, and costum duty.