Only for production companies: Noise Generator netNoise SG-NG1

We offer only one hardware solution including the drawings and production datas of the Noise Generator for other production companies.

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH offers a broadband noise generator for EMC-tests and other applications.
Model number SG-NG1.

Fig. 1: 300 Hz - 100 MHz noise generator for the power network with 40 W


    • Noise generator for EMC tests and other applications
    • Plug and play instrument for power networks
    • Frequency range 300 Hz to 100 MHz
    • Output noise power: > 40 W
    • Variant for power networks with 220 V


    • EMC-tests in the Hz to MHz-range
    • Tests for power line communication systems
    • Tests for power networks (blower/ radiation tests)
    • Suppression of power line communication in internal power networks
Fig. 2: Measurement set-up for EMC-tests


    • Complete specifications and description for the EMC-application (sorry only in German): Noise Generator SG-NG1

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