Calibration Software

Prof. Heuermann is inventor of a large number of calibration procedures for vector network analyzers (VNA). We offer open software in matlab and/or C as well as protected software for your special VNA-problems. Please send us your request!

Our spectrum of calibration procedures starts by procedures for coaxial and/or wave guides. We have a lot of experience with in-fixture and on-wafer calibration. We are leading in calibration procedures for multi-port and differential applications. We can support you with procedures for leaky systems. You will find also special solutions for free-space calibration.

The names of the developed calibration procedures are: GSOLT, GTXX, gen. TAN, gen. LLR, LNN, MORN, TMRN, LZY, TZU, YU, ZY, ZZU, S3R, S3L, Z3Z and Without-Thru. We offer already the other procedures.

We support all error models of the network analyzer: 3-term, 5-term, 7-term, 8-term, 10-term, 15-term, 22-term as well as the multi-port models.

Please find more information (sorry, in German) about the novel frequency convertion scattering parameters in: Frequency convertion scattering parameters

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