Calibration of Vector Network Analyzers

Prof. Heuermann is inventor of a large number of calibration procedures for vector network analyzers (VNA). The long list includes the morst used multiport procedures GSOLT, GTXX and Without-Thru as well as the two-port procedures general TAN, general LLR, LNN, MORN, TMRN, LZY, TZU, YU, ZY, ZZU, S3R, S3L and Z3Z.

The spectrum of in VNAs installed calibration procedures is long and starts by procedures for on-wafer over coaxial and wave guides applications. The calibration procedures for multi-port and differential applications were presented at a workshop: GSOLT and GTXX

MORN and TMRN can support you by leaky systems. We developed special solutions for free-space calibration.

New error models for network analyzers were introduced: 3-term, 5-term, 7-term, 8-term, 10-term, 15-term, 22-term as well as the multi-port models.

Please find more information (sorry, in German) about the novel frequency convertion scattering parameters in: Frequency convertion scattering parameters

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