NonLin-S NA-NL1

Our product NonLin-S allows you to perform calibrated complex nonlinear measurements with your VNA. It supports:

    • IM measurements,
    • Mixer measurements,
    • Harmonic measurements (e.g. for power amplifier, frequency doublers),
    • Sampling oscilloscope measurements,
    • Spectrum analyzer measurements.

Non-linear S-parameter measurements are useful values for modelling, IM-source finding, and analyzing RF circuits. NonLin-S, allows non-linear multi-port S-parameter to be measured for the first time, using a novel calibration procedure Without Thru or LMR. Without Thru uses only one-port calibration standards (short, open, match, a comb generator, and a power sensor) at each port. NonLin-S allows the measurement of non-reciprocal transfer functions without a reciprocal calibration standard.
The necessary architecture of a modified network analyzer to measure multi-port and non-linear S-parameter is quite simple.

Fig. 1: Block diagram of the full measurement set-up for non-linear S-parameter measurements (here mixer measurement with a ZVA)

Measurement results exemplify the high quality of the novel calibration procedure, for non-linear measurements, under real-life conditions (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Complex results of intermodulation measurement

Results of the oscillator modus helps to verify the measurement accuracy of the system. The difference between a simple oscilloscope and a calibrated time-domain measurement with a VNA and NonLin-S is shown in the following figure:

Fig. 3: Results of a measurement of a clock-signal

This simple measurement system consists of a multi-port-VNA (ZVA or ZVM from Rohde and Schwarz) a software, a laptop to control and process one coaxial calibration kit, a power head, and a comb-generator.

Fig. 4: IM-Measurement set-up for non-linear S-parameters with the ZVT

NA-NL1 features in detail:

    • First non-linear multi-port S-parameter test system for vectorial measurements.
    • Special software for harmonics, mixer, and intermodulation measurements (supports three IM-test configurations).
    • Support error-corrected sampling oscilloskope and spectrum measurements.
    • The non-linear calibration procedures LMR for all multi-port VNAs and Without Thru for R&S-VNAs.
    • Allows the measurement of non-linear effects in an accurate and complex manner.
    • Phase values help to find the location of non-linear effect supported by a special software.
    • VNA phase information gives perfect time domain results for a very good modelling.
    • Supports frequency-, power- and time-sweep measurements
    • Fast and easy installation with pre-installed laptop or on your network analyzer.

The use of your own multi-port VNA (ZVA or ZVM from Rohde and Schwarz), calibration kit, and power head helps to reduce the price of entering into the non-linear world.

We offer a system composed of

    • Software with dongle and operation manual (necessary),
    • Laptop with National-GPIB-bus-card (software installed) or LAN-connection,
    • Coaxial calibration kit (N or 3.5mm) from Rosenberger,
    • VNA from Rohde and Schwarz,
    • Power sensor from Rohde and Schwarz,
    • Calibrated 4 GHz or 10 GHz comb-generator (necessary),

More information (operating manual, price, etc.) are available from