The laboratory of HHF and the RF department of the Applied University Aachen (institute for microwave and plasma technology, IMP) are close together. Altogether there is the following equipment:


– Hot-S-Measurement places (433MHz: 800W, 2.4-2.5GHz: 400W, 2.45GHz: 6000W)
– Mixed-frequency measurement system with more than 200dB dynamic
– Network analyzers (300kHz-3GHz, 9kHz-4GHz, 9kHz-8GHz,10MHz-20GHz, 50MHz-40GHz,10MHz-67GHz, incl. 4-port and more)
– Spectrum analyzers (5kHz-3GHz, 10kHz-2.9GHz, 1MHz-24GHz, 100Hz-33GHz, 100kHz-67GHz)
– Real time oscilloscope up to 4 GHz and different others
– Sampling oscilloscope up to 67 GHz
– Rosenberger test fixture up to 100GHz and different others
– BERT-measurement set-up up to 700MBit/s
– Receivers (30MHz-1.3GHz)
– Different scalar power detectors and network analyzers (100MHz-24GHz)
– RF-sources (10kHz-1GHz, 10kHz-2GHz, 10kHz-3GHz, 2GHz-18GHz, 10MHz-40GHz)
– Different power amplifier (2.45GHz, 500MHz-5GHz)
– Different arbitrary generators

Simulation Software:

o Ansys Multi-Physic
o WireLess InSite
o Matlab