Only for production companies: Errorbar-S NA-EB1

We offer the hole production datas (software) of Errorbar-S NA-EB1 for NVA-companies.

Many vector network analysers (VNAs) users do not question their S-parameter measurements. Easily identifiable stochastic error is intrinsic because of the good repeatability and reproducibility of the VNA measurements and the user often believes the results. However, every VNA-measurement includes errors. The non-ideal calibration standards (especially matched loads and opens) and the corresponding calibration method strongly influence the measurement accuracy.

Experienced users are aware of the classic ripple test and apply it when evaluating the measurement accuracy of coaxial systems using an air-line as a reference.
The ripple test is a simple calculation of the worst case estimates of S-parameter measurement errors. However, for on-wafer measurements as well as for waveguide measurements, the classic ripple test is not practical: the reference transmission line is not ideal; it is lossy and typically dispersive.

Errorbar-S includes the modification of the classic ripple test for wafer-level and wave-guide applications. The simple software can handle dispersive and lossy lines. It also includes the source match estimation to automate the procedure and to calculate the error bars of reflection S-parameter measurements for the first time.

Fig. 1: Return loss (magnitude) of a 100 ohm load (CSR-8, SUSS MicroTec) and calculated error bars

To calculate the error-bars with high accuracy, only the measurement of one reference line (e.g. air-line for coaxial wave guides) is necessary.

NA-EB1 Features:

    • Automatic error-bar calculation and visualization of reflection S-parameter measurements.
    • Can be used for every VNA (and scalar NA).
    • Only the s2p-files have to be loaded for the error-bar calculation.
    • Only one two-port measurement of a reference line is necessary.
      • Reference line must not be perfect matched and can be dispersive.
      • Reflection and transmission values of reference line have to be known.
    • Fast and easy installation with prepared laptop.

Price- and beta-version information:
We offer a system out composed of

    • Software with dongle and introduction guide (NA-EB1),
    • Option 1: Laptop with National-GPIB-bus-card (software installed),
    • Option 2: Airline for ripple-test (PC7, N, 3.5mm other) from Rosenberger,

which costs 1950€ (NA-EB1) (plus tax and shipping costs). The beta-version is available in a few month. Beta costumers will receive free software-updates for two years.

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